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Web Development & More

A Professional
Web Presence

Modern consumers expect to be able to interact with your business on the World Wide Web!

Current and potential customers will look for your website to find out more about you. At the very least, they will expect to find a modern, mobile-functional website with:

  • Your Hours and Your Location

  • Your Products and Services

  • Special Events and Announcements

That's simple enough, right? You might even already be listed on a web directory, or maybe you have a social media page. Is that enough? Well, you Could just let Google, Yelp, Facebook... or random web directories control or manipulate your web presence, or YOU could be in charge.

Your visitors are interested in finding out more about who YOU are and about the way YOU do business. Have you designed a website with THEM in mind?

If you ARE on the web already, is your website easy to navigate? Does your site answer visitor's questions with a minimum number of "clicks?" Does your site convert visitors into customers?

Why SHOULD customers do business with you?

Will your website answer that question?

What will visitors find? ... What will be their first impression?

MAKE an Impression

Your website should not only inform, but should also ENGAGE. Most importantly, your intended message should come through "loud and clear" to your TARGET audience. You'll need:

  • Good, focused writing FOR your specific audience
  • Convenient and easy navigation
  • Engaging images
  • Web-appropriate fonts and contrast
  • Professional graphical elements
  • Memorable branding of YOUR colors and logos

It is all about effective communication AND engaging presentation. A poorly-designed site makes an impression about you that can negate all of your "brock and mortar" hard work, frustrate users, and lose potential customers.

Get Found on the Web -
( What is SEO anyway?? ) ...

Potential customers will search for you using keywords or even your business name or URL (IF they already know it). It is more likely that they do NOT know your URL and so they will hunt for businesses like you on the web. But will they find you, or someone else?

The key is SEO (Search-Engine-Optimization).
Without it, your site could languish on pages 8+ of Google indefinitely.

Achieving acceptable results with the major search engines can be a challenge, but it is definitely not just a matter of luck. SEO is also not a "set and forget" procedure or a text-book type of science. SEO is indeed very much of an ART as well as a science.

Search engines are constantly updating their search-ranking algorithms. The culture of the world wide web is constantly evolving. However, a properly-designed, well-written, professionally-optimized website should still perform well in its local market with perhaps just some adjustments needed over the years, especially if your services change.

Avoid "gray-hat" SEO gimmicks or shady, paid back-links!
In fact, these tactics can actually HURT your Google ranking.

Your site should be designed and written well from the start -- adhering to modern web standards. Modern websites absolutely MUST be mobile-compatible.

Further, having a web professional MANAGE your site and keep it updated for relevant content and good SEO is an important consideration as well. In fact, website maintenance is one of the most valuable services that AikiDigital provides -- and at rates as low as $50/month for small businesses!

Get Found and Make an Impression
with a Professional Website!